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States, Trends, and Future of Aquaponics Research

This study by Hao et al. (2020) examined 513 publications (2000-2019) on aquaponics, the sustainable production system in which nutrient-rich wastewater from fish fertilises plants.

Current aquaponics research focuses primarily on system components, wastewater treatment, nutrient management and system production. There is a need for more in-depth studies in future on system design, nutrient management and the structure of the microbial community.

With great pride, we can say that the ZHAW has been pioneering research into aquaponics for just over 20 years. This is also reflected in the study by Hao et al., where we head Table 2, which shows the “Top 10 influential institutes”! We are continuing our work and pushing forward with our research!

Hao, Y.; Ding, K.; Xu, Y.; Tang, Y.; Liu, D.; Li, G. States, Trends, and Future of Aquaponics Research. Sustainability 2020, 12, 7783.(PDF 2,5 MB)