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SNF Scopes (2012-2014)

Within the framework of the Eastern European program, Scopes, the Swiss National Science Foundation has authorized a three-year project. This project focuses on the reciprocal exchanges between participating institutions and the growth of competences and capacities in the following areas:

Research competence among young academics with particular attention paid to the opportunities offered by Web 2.0, for example in networking, research, and open-access publications.

Learning-centered teaching and methodology (e.g., research-based learning, simulations, problem-based learning) to supplement or replace the lecture-format still common in Eastern Europe.

Teacher support using ICT (e.g., blended and distance learning, mobile learning, Web 2.0, and cloud solutions in the area of training).

Within the framework of the project, for example, KROK University in Kiev is being supported in the setting up of a distance learning program and at our Armenian partner (State Engineering University of Armenia) a "laboratory of educational applications of information technologies" is under construction.

In this way, the Scopes Project hopes to make a contribution towards successful transition in Eastern Europe.