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ZHAW International Business Seminar Series: Stigmatization by Authoritarian Government

Non-governmental organizations have a hard time under Vladimir Putin's control. But how exactly does the process of stigmatization work? As part of the ZHAW International Business Seminar Series, Prof. Dr. Anastasiya Zavyalova uses the example of Russia to examine a perfidious practice of depotentiation and presents findings that can also be applied to research into other regimes.

In her lecture, Prof. Zavyalova presents her study on the stigmatization process of Russian NGOs after the adoption of the law on "foreign agents" in 2012. Using an inductive approach based on archival data, online sources and interviews, she shows the deliberate efforts of the authoritarian government to stigmatize certain NGOs.


Start date: 21 May 2024, 12.30 pm


ZHAW School of Management and Law, Building SW, Room 123 and online


ZHAW International Management Institute
Theaterstrasse 17
8401 Winterthur