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Let's Talk Luxury Series - Executive Training Course

High-end Customer Experience & Luxury Selling: Essential Retail, Service & Sales Expertise to Win Demanding Customers

Planned start: Spring 2024

International customer expectations in the upmarket & luxury segment are high and increasingly diverse. Salespeople, frontline brand representatives, service- and experience providers must be competent across cultures, channels and consumer types.

In this 4-session-course you will learn the fundamentals of luxury, high-end customer experience and selling, and acquire essential skills to successfully design, execute and improve customer experience and service performance in high-end settings. The course is designed to provide a versatile, effective and engaging learning experience and taught by experienced professionals and academic experts.

Target group: International professionals in junior positions in the luxury and related industries; participants aspiring to work in retail, sales and other experienced-focused functions in the luxury & creative context; business graduates (Master’s level) with an interest in entering the luxury industry and ideally prior work experience in the field.

Course Format

Teaching format / Duration:

Class size: min. 12 / max. 16 participants


Introduction to luxury (definition, dynamics)

Megatrends in supply and demand

The luxury brand

Customer experience (CX) concepts and frameworks

The luxury experience & new retail concepts

Selling luxury: key concepts and practical application

Creating luxury experiences through collaboration

Networking with industry professionals & peers
Interactive online & offline learning experience with hands-on tasks and discussions, field trip & company visits
Taught and coached by top academic experts & professionals from high-end companies.
Personal coaching for individual & group tasks by dedicated ZHAW SML faculty.


Price per participant: CHF 2850.- (VAT, travel costs/accommodation not included)

Diploma: Participants who successfully complete the course receive a certificate of attendance by the Zurich University of Applied Sciences, School of Management & Law (AACSB accredited)

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