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Talking to Marco Meier

Marco Meier, alumnus of the CAS in Corporate Responsibility 2019, is managing director of Meier Textile Agency. He advises businesses and the public sector about clothing and corporate fashion projects.

What is your current position and why did you choose the CAS in Corporate Responsibility program at the ZHAW School of Management and Law?

My work supports my clients in the analysis, evaluation, and procurement of their employees’ protective clothing. It is crucial to find the right uniform for staff as well as the right supplier. The issue of sustainability is fundamental in the modern textile industry. Sustainability must be viewed holistically, which is why I was looking for a continuing education program on this topic. As a self-employed person, father, and local councilor, it was important to me that the course was feasible in terms of time investment – compact, yet varied and informative. The ZHAW School of Management and Law program fulfilled these criteria, and the first-rate lecturers were excellent.

What were your personal highlights during the program?

Every topic stands or falls with the lecturer. Personally, I was extremely impressed by those who taught their subject with enthusiasm and were consistent in their approach. When I was attending those modules, I would have gladly missed the last train home.

"The program gave me a better understanding of sustainability and how companies can successfully develop and position themselves for the future."

Marco Meier

The CAS program finishes with a written thesis on a practical issue. What has this time-consuming part of the program given you?

The final thesis brought me new input. It was fascinating to talk to various industry exponents and find out their views and opinions. The thesis research has helped me to further develop my services to find more sustainable clothing solutions for clients.

Which of the skills taught on the program can you specifically incorporate into your everyday working life?

I am benefitting most from the systematic approach to corporate responsibility reporting. With this knowledge, I can better classify and evaluate sustainability efforts.

How do you apply sustainable practices in your private life?

On a personal level, I consciously try to buy locally and what is in season. For example, I only buy clothes of reasonable quality and only what I really need. I practice an "old-for-new" philosophy, so to speak.

Would you recommend the program to others?

Definitely. The course offers a clear understanding of sustainability and how companies can successfully develop and position themselves for the future.

CAS Corporate Responsibility

The CAS in Corporate Responsibility provides participants with the tools they need to embed corporate responsibility and sustainability management as a strategic goal and thereby contribute to the success of a company. Specialists teach the content of this program with a balanced mix of current concepts and instruments as well as practical examples.