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Associate in Reinsurance (TM) ARE

An All-Round View of the Options for Transferring Risks in the Insurance Industry

Switzerland is one of the world’s most important reinsurance market places. We are embracing the topic and offer the internationally respected “Associate in Reinsurance” further education program in order to provide industry colleagues working in the asset or liability side of the business, as well as those working in large international insurance programs, with an opportunity to gain an internationally recognized further qualification.

At a Glance

Qualification: 'Associate in Reinsurance™' from The Institutes, with or without certificate of participation from ZHAW, School of Management and Law, depending on choice of program.

The following combinations with other diplomas are possible: 'Associate in Risk Management™' ARM or 'Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter', CPCU®

Start: Custom start dates possible at any time,  you may discuss the follow up of choices with us.

Practical Seminars at ZHAW:
/ Reinsurance Principles and Practice, ARe 144, Spring Course 2022 (PDF 142.5 KB)
/ Successfully Treating Risk, ARM 402,
Spring Course 2022

Duration: Approximately two years for the complete designation, with considerable flexibility in terms of how the course is structured. Depending on the study - step and the personal time budget that can be reserved for continuing education, 3-6 months of learning time in addition to professional work must be expected.

Costs: Depending on the course structure, costs are between CHF 3,600 (online self-study only) and CHF 11,200 (online and with all possible practical ZHAW seminars); please use the student advisory service to structure your course.
Here you can find more details about the pricing.(PDF 105.2 KB) (PDF 103,2 KB)

Location: Self-study online or preparation for practical seminars; practical seminars either online or on site (ZHAW Campus, School of Management and Law, very close to Winterthur main train station)

Language of instruction and materials: English

Objectives and Contents of the Study Sections

All following core steps must be fullfilled to earn the diploma. However, you may follow single topics only.

The Associate in Reinsurance course consists of four core subjects and one additional elective module that is designed to complement your professional focus.

There is also a short compulsory section on ethics. If you have already completed this as part of another diploma from The Institutes, you will not have to take it again.

The order of the study sections can be chosen freely. Of course, you can also register for individual subjects on their own.

Core Steps

These Core Steps take up all key sections of expertise that are connected and interconnected in the reinsurance business.
Starting from primary insurance coverages, which are reinsured by reinsurance contracts we follow up to the operational challenges within the insurance and reinsurance business. All these topics are included and linked back to the issues and challenges in the reinsurance industry.

Primary Insurance Coverages (ARe 143)

In the ARe 143 Primary Insurance Coverages section, you will acquire a broad understanding of the technical differences between various individual and business insurance solutions. Designed in the USA, it offers you the opportunity to draw structured parallels between American aspects and your home market. This will help you acquire basic technical knowledge and a confident grasp of English insurance terminology by following clear and accessible teaching materials. With this foundation, you will be able to handle the full spectrum of insurance coverages. As such, ARe 143 thoroughly prepares you for the actual reinsurance tasks in your company’s international corporate context.
This section is intended for self-study; we recommend forming study groups as appropriate.

Reinsurance Principles and Practice (ARe 144)

In this section, you will gain the tools needed to design a strong reinsurance program.This unique teaching material has been used globally for decades and the application seminars with the Insurance Institute of Switzerland were handed over to ZHAW. This program is providing the technical tools needed to help shape and support the core processes in reinsurance companies in an organized and efficient manner.

Over five seminar days, you will gain advanced coverage knowledge and financial risk management skills in the reinsurance industry. A high level of expertise when it comes to reinsurance contracts, coupled with the ability to more effectively assess expiring contracts in the renewal phase, will provide you with what you need to successfully navigate this challenging phase. This course is your toolbox for becoming more efficient and customer-focused and realize more clearly how new technologies such as big data and blockchain are set to redefine the reinsurance industry.

In order to expand this core module of reinsurance training with European aspects on the one hand and future topics on the other, we have introduced the “Supplementary Seminar Day on European and future aspects in Reinsurance Underwriting”. What does this mean for you?
For ARe 144, we strongly recommend taking the application seminars planned as follows:
Spring Course 2022 (PDF 142.5 KB)

Readings in Reinsurance Issues and Developments (ARe 145)

In this online reading, you will deepen your knowledge of reinsurance concepts by examining the insurance industry from the perspectives of a variety of sources.

Some of the articles are highly topical, while others are older but still relevant – either because they are directly applicable in a professional context today, or because they provide background knowledge. At the end of each article, you will answer multiple-choice questions to check your reading comprehension and track your progress. However, it is also quite possible to complete the ARe 145 texts part-time alongside your work over a period of four to six weeks. You may register directly with The Institutes Website for this section ARe 145.

Connecting the Business of Insurance Operations (CPCU 520)

How does an insurance company work amid the conflicting priorities of the market, legal regulations and societal norms? How are the areas of operation of various company departments interrelated and how can each employee better support and perhaps even improve internal work processes?

This foundational phase of the reinsurance diploma will provide you with an overview of core client functions in a very short period of time. You will begin to recognize the influence business decisions have within the insurance organization. On top of this, you will also build an understanding in terms of market conditions and key strategic issues. The legal requirements and their effect and significance for the insurance company are not only addressed, but also discussed in terms of how they work.

In practical seminars, you will benefit from instructors who have broad experience in the various topics that are relevant to insurance companies. Having knowledge of the systems in insurance companies is essential and CPCU 520 will allow you to acquire it in an efficient way.
Next practical seminars starting from spring 2022. Feel free to register on the waiting list by e-mailing Ursula Freuler.

Elective Study Option

Thanks to an elective module, you can make the Reinsurance Diploma even more relevant to your professional situation.
The topic of Enterprise Risk Management in particular has a number of practical seminars which you can book. Doing so will break up the self-learning process while simultaneously enriching it with more hands-on experience and exchange of expertise. Check out the options and choose one of them.

Choose one option:

Elective Option 1 – Successfully Treating Risk, ARM 402: Hone your knowledge of enterprise risk management and discover effective strategies to address risk holistically.

With the third part of the ARM Diploma, “Successfully Treating Risk,” you will bring the topic of risk transfer full circle by covering enterprise risk management. You will recognize that risk transfer, depending on its nature, can be its own source of risk. That is why it is exciting to discuss what proportion of risks should be transferred, to what degree, by what means and at what price.

Risks that are perceived as a pure hazard at first glance can, with the best possible balance between risk management, financing and monitoring, be mitigated in such a way that they may even represent a market advantage.

You benefit from a holistic view and assessment of how risks to business success can or must be transferred in order to increase the scope for meaningful activities.
More information about the ZHAW practical seminars of ARM 402

Elective Option 2 – Insurer Accounting and Regulation AIAF 114
We recommend this specialization for all those who are more focused on technical accounting. Here is the topic overview:
/ Introduction to insurance accounting and insurance regulation
/ Financial reports from property-casualty insurance companies
/ Financial reports from life insurance companies
/ Premium accounting of property-casualty insurers
/ Claims accounting of property-casualty insurers
/ Validation and management of investments at insurers

/ Reinsurance accounting and taxation of insurers

Elective Option 3 – Impacting the Bottom Line of Insurance Financials CPCU 540
If you work in the finance department of a reinsurance company, you will benefit from the practical presentation of information on the topics of corporate accounting and GAAP financial statements geared toward increasing understanding. Competencies in preparing and interpreting basic financial data, investment calculations and the cash flows of the financial world are essential in the reinsurance industry, especially in modern times. Furthermore, it is about being familiar with and applying the valuation of stocks and bonds, implementing techniques for maximizing investment returns and, finally, presenting the breakdown and capital coverage needs in a professional manner. “ORSA” fundamentals and requirements round off the course.
Practical seminars are planned from 2022 onward. Those interested are welcome to send an e-mail to Ursula Freuler and have their names put on the waiting list.

Exam Information

Exam Information

The Institute of Risk & Insurance is the official examining partner for all exams by The Institutes and PLUS (Professional Liability Underwriting Society).

Ursula Freuler will accept registrations for all exams by e-mail:

Exam Preparation

All materials from The Institutes use sophisticated software that makes it possible to prepare for exams on your own. The Institutes also offers an app which contains additional exam preparation questions and is available on all major app stores. (CHF 10 per program) We will also discuss additional exam information in the practical seminars.

You can expect the following exam formats:
ARe 143/144, CPCU 520/540, ARM 402: 50 Multiple choice questions, 65 minutes
AIAF 114: 50 Multiple choice questions, 65 minutes

These questions test your knowledge of principles, concepts, and terms

  • These are stand-alone questions, which are basic multiple choice questions with four answer choices
  • You will need to recall information from the study material or know the definitions of keywords or phrases

For participants of practical seminars: The recommended examination windows are specified in the announcement. We will address this during the seminars, as they are not set in stone. We are able to cater to individual needs to a certain extent.

For independent students: In order to enable smooth registration and organization, we recommend strongly to contact Ursula Freuler six weeks before the desired date.

Consultation and Contact

Program Director and Academic Advisor:
Since the study-steps can be organized along your needs and personal preferences, it is recommended to discuss the planning. I will be happy to assist you.

Ursula Freuler
ZHAW School of Management and Law
Institut für Risk & Insurance
Technoparkstrasse 2
8400 Winterthur

Tel: +41 58 934 77 98


Please register by sending an E-Mail to Ursula Freuler.  


Institut for Risk & Insurance

Coaches / Professors:

Speakers are selected depending on the topic. Lecturers from the university and experts from practice complement each other in a balanced rotation. United, they offer guarantee of relevance in theory and practice and complement each other with the aim of giving participants the broadest possible insight into the options for ERM development.