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Handelszeitung: Lecturers and their new role

In the "Education + Career" supplement, ZHAW guest lecturers Petronella Vervoort and Nicole Vogler talk about their position at the university, their motivation for interactive teaching and the fundamental changes in the educational landscape.

"In the past, certain skills were often valid for an entire working life, but today they are only valid for short periods of perhaps three to five years. Universities of applied sciences should therefore become increasingly flexible and also offer part-time or online study models in order to meet the needs of a wide range of learners."


A lot has happened since 2006. Banking crises, digitalization, the pandemic and wars in the immediate European neighborhood. This is difficult for young people who are in the middle of further education and are not yet able to properly identify their career path. Accordingly, supervisors and universities of applied sciences also have to change the way they deal with young students and in some cases redefine continuing education: live, up-to-date and interactive. Two lecturers talk about their experiences here: Nicole Vogler, who has been a guest lecturer for two years, and Petronella Vervoort, who has been working as a trainer for two decades.