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First Place for Zurich UAS Racing

At the beginning of July, Zurich UAS Racing, a ZHAW university student association, took part in the renowned engineering competition Formula Student Switzerland in the canton of Valais.

Ten Formula Student teams participated in the Swiss Formula student competition this year. In the “Business Plan” category, the ZHAW association took first place. Students Nico de Bari and Matteo Protopapa presented their novel business plan to the judges and other participants.

They won the day with their tangible and existing solution – an IoT controller that can send data to their cloud from various manufacturers’ systems. The jury was introduced to a business plan featuring a franchise model, which the students developed in cooperation with the startup and sponsor MUV Digital AG. The IoT controller and cloud platform can visualize and – importantly – interpret any data relevant to safety and performance.

Ultimately, the Winterthur-based company’s business plan stood out from the others thanks to its relevance, profitability, and scalability. In addition, the team’s lively presentation was also impressive in terms of communicating their message. As a result, Zurich UAS Racing secured its first podium success in the Business Plan category while also receiving valuable feedback and practical suggestions for further improvement.

About Zurich UAS Racing

Over 60 students in various ZHAW degree programs are members of Zurich UAS Racing, and they are all united by a passion for technology and practical experience while still at university. Together, they hope to promote the student association and participate in numerous events and competitions worldwide alongside their studies. The association allows students to practice what they have learned – both from a technical and business perspective – and collaborate with other university departments.