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ZHAW International Business Seminar Series: "How do multinational enterprises respond to geopolitics?"

In his current lecture as part of the International Business Seminar Series, Dr. Thomas C. Lawton deals with the strategy of globally operating companies to react to the conditions and changes in world politics.

International business research has emphasised the importance of geopolitical relationships in the strategic decision-making of multinational enterprises (MNEs). However, it is difficult to determine exactly how MNEs respond to geopolitical factors, as the evidence is scattered across different levels of analysis and disciplinary perspectives.

Dr. Thomas C. Lawton presents a study which synthesises country- and firm-level evidence to provide an integrative theoretical framework based on policy opportunities and the logic of real options.


Start date: 7 March 2024, 12.30 pm


ZHAW School of Management and Law, Building SW, Room 221 and online


ZHAW International Management Institute
Theaterstrasse 17
8401 Winterthur