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ZHAW International Business Podium

Webcast with the new EU Ambassador to Switzerland

ZHAW International Business Podium

Current State and Outlook for Swiss-EU Relations

The ZHAW International Management Institute and its unit for Foreign Affairs and Applied Diplomacy are delighted to welcome H.E. Petros Mavromichalis, European Union Ambassador to Switzerland & Liechtenstein for a webcast.

Ambassador Mavromichalis previously served in the European External Action Service as Head of Division of the EU’s Open Source Intelligence as well as the EU’s Situation Room. Since September 2020 the Greek and Belgium national represents the EU Commission in Berne.

Since the opening of an EU Delegation in Switzerland in 2007, the ZHAW School of Management and Law has established a tradition to always invite the new EU Ambassador for an exchange with students, faculty and friends of the university. This started with Ambassador Michael Reiterer, Ambassador Richard Jones, Ambassador Michael Matthiessen, and now with H.E. Petros Mavromichalis.

Date Live Webcast: Monday 23 November 2020, 12.00 – 01.15 pm
Language of discussion: English

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Start date: 23 November 2020, 12.00 pm


ZHAW International Management Institute
Theaterstrasse 17
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