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International Business Seminar Series: Urban growth, from manufacturing to consumption and financialization: the case of China’s contemporary urban development

What interactions can be observed between the real estate sector and urban development in the context of Chinese economic growth? Prof. Thierry Theurillat provides answers.

Prof. Theurillat, based at University of Applied Sciences and Arts-Western Switzerland, HEG Arc Campus, will discuss the role of real estate and its financialization in relation to the phase of economic growth that was previously based on export industries and now tend to increasingly rely on the domestic consumption market. He will present a research framework addressing ‘the land/built environment–finance and economic development nexus’ of China’s urban growth model.


Start date: 5 October 2023, 12.45 pm


ZHAW School of Management and Law, Building SI, Room O4.16


ZHAW International Management Institute
Theaterstrasse 17
8401 Winterthur