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Wealth Management in Switzerland – Edition 2

Between tradition and transformation – with this study, we aim to contribute to the continuous success and increasing transparency of Swiss wealth management banks.

Among the various bank types, Private Banks, especially smaller ones with AUM below CHF 20 billion, have emerged as the top performers in the study. Banks like CBH, Von Graffenried, and Goldman Sachs have distinguished themselves, showcasing the effectiveness of their strategies and operational excellence.

The ZHAW WM Performance Score defines 4 categories – Profitability, Efficiency, Capital Adequacy, Growth – whereby a maximum of 1'200 points is achievable. The overall winners are:

The study highlights the concentration of Swiss wealth management banks around the country's financial hubs, with Zurich and Geneva being prominent centers.

As in the previous edition, the study has reviewed the Boards of Directors of Swiss wealth management banks: a majority have 6 or less Board Members, whereby women are underrepresented:

Looking ahead, the Swiss wealth management industry faces a rapidly evolving landscape. Technological advancements, shifting client expectations, and regulatory changes are reshaping the sector. The study's findings underscore the need for Swiss wealth management banks to adapt to these changes proactively, embracing innovation and enhancing transparency. The ability of Swiss wealth management banks to navigate the ongoing digital transition will be a key determinant of their future success.

In conclusion, the Swiss wealth management industry stands at a pivotal juncture, marked by tradition and transformation. As it grapples with external competition and internal dynamics, the insights from this study may serve as a valuable guide for navigating the path ahead. The industry's resilience, coupled with its commitment to Swiss quality and innovation, will continue to uphold its leading position in global finance.


Dr. Christoph Künzle, CFA
ZHAW School of Management and Law, Fachstelle für Personal Finance & Wealth Management,

Jonas Hefti
ZHAW School of Management and Law, Fachstelle für Asset Management,