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USA Today: Ukraine burns. Republicans and Biden dither. And Russia's Vladimir Putin smiles

In his opinion piece for USA Today, Christopher Hartwell, Head of the ZHAW International Management Institute, discusses why Ukraine needs military support from countries that have a vested interest in stopping Russian aggression in Eastern Europe.

"The worry for the years ahead is that 'Ukraine fatigue,' a grave insult to those actually dying in Ukraine, will push Americans to attempt to institute a peace deal over the heads of the Ukrainians. Such an outcome would be the worst-case scenario for America, Europe and Ukraine – and the best-case scenario for Russia."

In his opinion piece for the highest-circulation US daily newspaper USA Today, Prof. Dr. Christopher Hartwell, Head of the International Management Institute at the ZHAW School of Management and Law and a proven specialist on Eastern Europe, discusses the current situation in Ukraine and the impact of the political trial of strength in the USA facing the possible re-election of Donald Trump.