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Christian Vögtlin Appointed Co-Chair of the NCP Advisory Board

The Swiss Federal Council has now elected extra-parliamentary committees, governing bodies, and representatives for the new 2024–2027 term of office. Prof. Christian Vögtlin, Head of the Center for Corporate Responsibility at the ZHAW School of Management and Law, has been appointed Co-Chairman of the Federal Commission for advising the National Contact Point on OECD Guidelines for multinational enterprises (NCP Advisory Board).

The National Contact Point (NCP) for Responsible Business Conduct promotes compliance with OECD Guidelines* among Swiss companies and conducts mediation to resolve problems. The NCP Advisory Board advises the NCP on its strategic orientation and application of OECD Guidelines. The Advisory Board is made up of 14 experts from various interest groups (business umbrella organizations, employers' associations, trade unions, non-governmental organizations, and academia) and the federal administration.

*The OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development) comprises 38 member states. Its aim is to exchange views on economic, financial, educational, scientific, social, environmental, and development policies and to revise and improve them. National governments exchange experiences and endeavor to work on joint solutions.