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After the war comes the reform

Ukraine will not only have to make a start on rebuilding, it will also need to implement comprehensive reforms. ZHAW Eastern Europe expert Christopher Hartwell knows the changes that are most urgently required. The American economist is currently working with experts from Ukraine and Poland on drawing up a proposal for these reforms.

Many people, including Christopher Hartwell, Eastern Europe expert at ZHAW, have been surprised by the stiff resistance that the Ukrainians have put up against the Russian invasion. “The fact that Ukraine was not defeated within 72 hours is what has made all the other surprising developments in this war possible in the first place.” This is because the longer Ukraine holds out against the Russian invasion, the greater the pressure will be on the West to intervene. “If the country had surrendered after just a few days and Russia had installed a puppet government, Europe and the United States would doubtless have largely refrained from becoming involved this time too.”

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