Dr. Kremena Bachmann

Dr. Kremena Bachmann
ZHAW School of Management and Law
Technoparkstrasse 2
8400 Winterthur


Persönliches Profil

Arbeits- und Forschungsschwerpunkte, Spezialkenntnisse

Behavioural Finance, Household Finance, Personal Finance, Financial Decision Making, Financial Advice

Aus- und Fortbildung

2002 – 2007: Swiss Finance Institute, PhD Program in Finance (Dr.oec.publ.)
2003 – 2004: Swiss program for doctoral students in Economics, Study Center Gerzensee, Switzerland
1995 – 2002: Master in Economics and Finance (lic.oec.HSG), University of St. Gallen (HSG), Switzerland


Publikationen vor Tätigkeit an der ZHAW

Peer-Reviewed Publications:

Bachmann, K. and Hens, T. (2016): "Is there Swissness in the investment decision behavior and investment competence", lead article in Financial Markets and Portfolio Management 30, 233-275.
Bachmann, K. and Hens, T. (2015): “Investment competence and advice seeking”, Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance 6, 27-41.
Bachmann, K. and Hens, T. (2010): “Behavioural finance and investment advice”, in: “Handbook of Behavioral Finance”, Edward Edgar Publishing (Northampton, MA, USA).
Hens, T. and Bachmann, K. (2008): “Behavioural finance for private banking”, John Wiley & Sons (Chichester, England).

Popular Science Contributions:

Bachmann, K. (2016): "Men are from Mars, women are from Venus: Does it matter in investing?", The Charter, CFA Institute.
Bachmann, K. and Hens, T. (2015): “Swissness im Anlegerverhalten?”, Finanz und Wirtschaft, 14. March, No. 20, p. 22.
Bachmann, K. and Hens, T. (2012): „Die Risikowahrnehmung der privaten Anleger im Beratungsprozess“, Private, Das Geld-Magazin.
Bachmann, K. (2012): “Psychologische Fallen”, Privatsache.

Research Papers:

Bachmann, K. (2017): Can a Competent Advice Eliminate the Outcome Bias in Investment Decision Making?, SSRN working paper 3009058.
Bachmann, K. (2017): "Responsibility Sharing, Beliefs and Risk Taking", SSRN working paper 2862308.
Bachmann, K., Hens, T. and Stoessel, R. (2016): “Which Measures Predict Risk Taking in a Multi-Stage Controlled Decision Process?”, SSRN working paper 2535859.
Bachmann, K. and Woehrmann, P. (2007): “Managerial guidance and analysts' underreaction”, NCCR Working Paper 418.
Bachmann, K. and Hens, T. (2007): “The earnings game with behavioural investors”, NCCR Working Paper 406.
Bachmann, K. and Woehrmann, P. (2006): “Guiding analysts and rational autocorrelation in forecast error”, NCCR Working Paper 242.
Bachmann, K. (2005): “The conditional market value of R&D investments”, NCCR Working Paper 213.