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e-Tutor is an open educational resource created for the professional development of faculty members on teaching online. Originally developed by Ankara University’s Distance Learning Centre in Turkey, e-Tutor was adapted to English, Russian and Ukrainian under the framework of a project funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) as an Open Educational Resource published under Creative Commons Licence. The program is currently being implemented on full scale by Ankara and Mugla universities in Turkey, and certified more than 600 educators. e-Tutor is comprised of 14 modules, each covering a different aspect of teaching online relevant to must-have competencies of online instructors. Each module uses a wide range of materials in order to ensure engagement of learners: handouts, narrated presentations, narrated videos, audios, interactive activities, e-portfolio artefacts and other resources on the Web. Please click here to get detailed information on the modules e-Tutor is based on two main concepts: (1) Online tutors as online learners – We think it is a useful experience to be an online-learner prior to becoming an online tutor. Taking part in e-Tutor as a learner provides potential online tutors with the opportunity to experience ‘the other side of the screen’ before conducting it for their fellow colleagues or their students.(2) A hands-on approach in assessment; Participants are expected to create their own e-course as a project, i.e. preparing syllabus, designing the course, preparing course materials, and integrating them into an LMS. By the end of the program, the participants will be ready and confident for starting their own online classes with a sound course design and instructional materials, which have already been checked, feedback provided, and improved accordingly throughout the program.  e-Tutor responds to both individual and institutional needs for professional development. Any teacher or faculty member with teaching experience will benefit from e-Tutor in adapting conventional F2F teaching materials and methods into an online environment after spending a short time with the program. Institutions, on the other hand, may use e-Tutor as a program to train their trainers, who will in turn train other teachers or faculty members of the institution for teaching online.

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