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Social Media for Education

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In our research [www.somecat.org] we analysed how students and instructors use social media for teaching, learning and research. Social media use is ubiquitous in most students’ everyday live; many also use it for learning purposes. It is obvious that study behaviour/ habits/manners of today’s students – most of them are so called digital natives – has changed. Instructors realise the potential of utilising social media for their teaching. However, as experts in their subject, many instructors face difficulties making a didactically sound choice when planning to utilise social media in their teaching. This is where we will support instructors by providing a web based tool that will offer instructors guidelines how to use social media, tailored to their instructional setting, based on a theory driven approach. A prototype has been developed, tested/ validated and presented (see publications). The final version is now available (http://socialmediaforeducation.org/en_gb/).Partner: Ankara University Distance Education Center, Turkey.

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