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Digitalization of Academic Writing

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The meeting brings together researchers who are engaged in exploring the changing nature of academic writing as a result of technological innovations. All of them are involved in research on the digital transformation of writing and are creating/testing/disseminating new writing technologies. The conference will move beyond merely mapping new digital writing tools to discuss and explore the ways digital technology changes writing in the academic domain and study the need to adapt, alter, or expand writing theory. Also, new research methods designed to match the new realities of digital writing will be analysed. Some of the major topics are listed below. The aim of the conference is to create a consortium that can address these issues in a world-wide publication on the digitalization of writing and initiate new research in some of the associated research fields. By that we aim at deepening previous international cooperation among others the 8th International Conference on Writing Analytics (https://writinganalytics.zhaw.ch/), EATAW 2019 (https://2019.eataw.eu/) and workshops on Writing Analytics held at LAK 19 and 20 (https://writinganalytics.zhaw.ch/workshop-frankfurt/). To prepare for the meeting, all participants have read and commented on the book proposal with the working title Digitalization of Academic Writing and identified their area of contribution to the book.