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Agrobiodiversity Summer School

Agrobiodiversity for locally adapted and resilient land use systems

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Agrobiodiversity includes the diversity of crops and livestock species and varieties, the diversity of production and food supply systems, different agricultural practices and intensities and the biodiversity that indirectly supports agriculture through provisioning ecosystem services. Agrobiodiversity is therefore essential for locally adapted and resilient land use systems across the globe and ultimately contributes to the achievement of several Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In this International Summer School, students will learn about the contribution of various aspects of agrobiodiversity to the sustainability and resilience of food systems. In small, international groups, students will explore opportunities and challenges of existing production systems and food supply chains and how they are connected to or disconnected from agrobiodiversity. Together with local stakeholders, students will develop strategies and solutions for addressing their challenges through different aspects of agrobiodiversity. The module includes i) a preparatory phase and ii) a 10-days study-week. The Summer School is a cooperation project between the IUNR, FiBL and different universities in Slovenia, Spain, Hungary and Switzerland and will take place every year at a different location.

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