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Cocoa in Numbers - Social Analysis

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  • Projektleiter/in : Sonja Trachsel
  • Projektteam : Patricia Krayer
  • Projektstatus : abgeschlossen
  • Drittmittelgeber : Interne Förderung
  • Kontaktperson : Sonja Trachsel


The idea is to set up a data base combining information along the cocoa value chain from the angles of different research disciplines such as agronomy, food microbiology/food biotechnology, food chemistry, sensory, food quality, life cycle assessment and socio-economic impact.
The research team "Geography of Food" analyses social and economic impacts on different actors along the cocoa value chain using the case of the cocoa production in Alto Beni, Bolivia.
The data base is realised in cooperation with different research groups from the Institute of Natural Resource Sciences, Institute of Food and Beverage Innovation - ILGI and the Institute of Applied Simulation.