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Towards Smart Energy Regions: Exploring Future Energy-Systems at Regional Level

COST Action TU1104 Smart Energy Regions

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In support of the development towards smart energy regions, this project wants to explore integrated transition approaches on the demand and supply side, evaluating the most promising elements from behaviour change programmes, business initiatives, policy strategies, measures, and technologies at regional level.

Today research on the energy transition is still fragmented. It is necessary to address the energy efficiency efforts on the whole energy chain, from energy production, via transmission and distribution, to final consumption. Special attention will be given to the optimized matching of energy supply and demand at regional level. Therefore, within this project we will look at:

  • Consumers, concentrating on demand side management options to reach a more sustainable energy conservation and mobility behaviour;

  • Industry / Utilities, developing novel business models taking into account the consumers energy needs and the requirements for enhanced decentralised, renewable energy supply;

  • Policy-Makers, investigating regional context factors, strategies and concepts in order to recommend appropriate policy measures;

  • Science & Technology, scanning the horizon for promising smart initiatives, solutions, and technologies along the paths for smart energy region scenarios.

With the promotion of smart practices at the key nodes of the complex energy system the energy transition and the underlying paradigm shift shall get a boost at regional level.

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