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Machine Learning-Aided Startup Investing (MALASI)

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The venture capital (VC) industry faces challenges with excess capital to be invested into startups and globalization of its business. VC thought leaders foresee a more global, transparent and AI-supported investment decision-taking approach as potential differentiator for VC firms. Raized.ai builds and offers domain-specific solutions as needed for such approaches. Distribution is via a fee-based subscription model and a web app, which allows direct access to Raized.ai data. Our solution gives investors earlier access to investment opportunities and increases efficiency in the deal sourcing process. Today, Raized.ai successfully offers its first product “Startup Discovery” to European VCs. This confirmed the viability of AI technology in the context of deal sourcing. We plan to extend the offering into a fully fledged deal sourcing solution to unlock further growth opportunities by adding “Startup Explorer” & “Startup Prediction”.