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Prevention of undesired interactions between biocides and additives in synthetic materials to improve efficacy and to reduce the necessary amount of biocides

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  • Projektleiter/in : Prof. Dr. Rainer Riedl
  • Projektteam : Dr. Ulrike Rosenfeld
  • Projektvolumen : CHF 371'902
  • Projektstatus : abgeschlossen
  • Drittmittelgeber : KTI (KTI-Projekt / Projekt Nr. 14876.1;5 PFIW-IW)
  • Projektpartner : SANITIZED AG
  • Kontaktperson : Rainer Riedl


Biocides are used to protect materials against undesired decomposition by microorganisms and to improve hygiene protection. Many biocides are deactivated in presence of plastic-additives. Therefore, a large excess of biocides is often necessary. Within this project, the better understanding of chemical interactions between plastic-additives and biocides will lead to new solutions using less biocides. This will generate positive ecological and economical impacts.