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ARKIS - Architectural Renovation of Kendox InfoShare

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ARKIS aims at going beyond the current trend of “just” moving data and document management into the cloud by defining a cloud-native architecture for managing documents reliably and with scale in an ecosystem of third-party services around a document management system. Business-critical aspects such as fully compliant and auditable document access procedures are made service-oriented by rating and billing them on a per-use basis. Cloud features such as differentiated storage and surge pricing are analysed for their suitability in this particular domain.

The project will deliver, among other results, a multi-tenant prototype for managing documents in the cloud including revenue sharing for participating entities and a testbed for comparing relational and document databases, both locally and commercial services.

This transfer and innovation project combines the previous work of the Service Prototyping Lab (SPLab) and ICCLab in Cloud-Native Applications, augmented by an extended consideration of Cloud-Native Databases as stateful microservices, with Rating-Charging-Billing and Service Tooling.

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