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Social Movement Discourse

PhD Masterclass by Teun van Dijk

It was in the 1960s that social movements started to be studied from psychological, economic and political perspectives. Since the 1990s, the cultural paradigm has been very influential, especially with its study of frames and framing. While many of these studies are based on discourse, they examine very different aspects of discourse, all called frames. What is more, they also ignore developments in the area of discourse studies since the 1960s. My new book Social Movement Discourse provides an introduction to discourse studies for students of social movements and, as an example, analyses the discourses of and about the Refugees Welcome movement. The cultural paradigm of social movement theory is renewed by highlighting the crucial role played by text and talk for social movements. An insight is also provided into cognitive aspects, including knowledge, attitudes and ideologies.

Teun A. van Dijk (1943) is an honorary professor of Pompeu Fabra University and Founding Director of the Centre of Discourse Studies, Barcelona. After his earlier research on literary theory, text grammar, discourse pragmatics and the psychology of text processing, he has worked on various topics of critical discourse studies since the 1980s. His most recent books are Discourse and Power (2008), Discourse and Context (2008), Discourse and Knowledge (2014) and Social Movement Discourse (2024). He is the founding Editor of Discourse & Society, Discourse Studies and Discourse & Communication. He has lectured in many countries, especially in Latin America, where he has also received three honorary doctorates.


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