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AI-enabled network analysis of the Swiss corporate landscape

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  • Projektleiter/in : Dr. Lucas Knust
  • Projektteam : Sergej Levich
  • Projektvolumen : CHF 15'000
  • Projektstatus : abgeschlossen
  • Drittmittelgeber : Innosuisse (Innovationsscheck / 63495.1 INNO-SBM)
  • Projektpartner : baesoft.net GmbH
  • Kontaktperson : Lucas Knust


In this project we explored possibilities to extend the offering of a Swiss SME using AI-enabled network analysis. More specifically, we developed a Proof of Concept (PoC) for an analysis tool for corporate ownership networks.

The project covered three elements:

  1. Automated data extraction: We adapted the open source library doc2data to automatically extract subsidiary data from annual reports.
  2. Network analysis: We researched and evaluated AI-enabled methods for network analysis.
  3. PoC development: We build a PoC to showcase how the acquired data and performed analysis can be visualized.

The results were integrated into the offering of the partner company.