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“Humans-in-the-loop” – An occupant-centric digital framework for sustainable building operation

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The project will develop a digital framework for fusing, analysing, forecasting, and visualising dataflows to promote informed sustainable and occupant-centric building operation decisions, and sustainable behavioural changes of the occupants. To this aim, it is created a detailed energy model (EM) of the Haus Albert Frey (ZHAW, Winterthur).

To enable the integration of the human dimensions, advanced occupant behaviour (OB) models will be developed/calibrated/implemented to generate synthetic and representative data that acknowledges the occupants’ diversity i.e., needs, preferences, actions. Then, a digital framework is developed to allow “real-time” integration of the EM and OB thus, quantifying the impact of control strategies and occupants’ actions on the building comfort and energy performance. Finally, an interactive web tool is developed where the analysed dataflows and their forecasts are visualized to promote informed sustainable and occupant-centric operation decisions.