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Precise Time Synchronization for Industrial Time-sensitive Networks (TSN)

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Time synchronization is one of the main pillars for the next generation of Ethernet-based Industrial communication systems. Control loops, synchronized sampling and scheduled communication required time synchronization with at least 1 microsecond accuracy. For TSN networks, IEEE Std. 802.1AS-2020 is defined for this purpose. It is also known as gPTP – generalized Precision Time Protocol. This project will research the impact of the defined mechanisms for certain application cases, particularly for network infrastructure devices.

  • Support for up to four time synchronization domains in parallel
  • Support for pre-engineered networks with up to 100 devices in a line configuration
  • Backward compatibility with legacy devices

The project is a cooperation with Belden-Hirschmann, a supplier of Industrial Ethernet Equipment. Corrections and improvements for the standard will be fed back to IEEE.