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Application of stealth computing in highly information-sensitive cloud environments

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  • Projektleiter/in : Dr. Josef Spillner
  • Co-Projektleiter/in : Prof. Manar Abu Talib, Farhad Khalilnia, Prof. Qassim Nasir
  • Stellv. Projektleiter/in : Christof Marti
  • Projektteam : Dr. Piyush Harsh
  • Projektstatus : abgeschlossen
  • Drittmittelgeber : EU und andere Internationale Programme (Leading House Nordafrika und Mittlerer Osten)
  • Projektpartner : University of Sharjah, Penta (Dubai)
  • Kontaktperson : Josef Spillner


Highly information-sensitive domains such as banking, healthcare and
government services have been reluctant to adopt cloud and distributed
computing technologies since their wide-spread commercial inception over
the past 12 years. In contrast, many other sectors such as
telecommunications and shops have embraced diverse cloud strategies and
are able to benefit from their cost savings and their abilities to
accommodate surge requests. Secure cloud and edge computing strategies
are therefore key to broaden the applicability of modern beneficial
technologies, such as resilient cloud-native applications with data
persistence guarantees, to the reluctant sectors. On the other hand,
many important technologies in the security domain, in particular in
digital forensics, are increasingly developed for cloud environments, or
their vendors have announced at least plans to do so. The company
involved in this proposal from Dubai, Penta, is a pioneer in world-wide
IT businesses specifically for the information-sensitive market,
focusing on digital transformation and cyber-security. While Penta
offers several cloud solutions, gaining capabilities in secure cloud
computing and cloud-/edge-related cyber-security and autonomous
(self-learning) forensics would significantly boost its market potential
to protect sensitive businesses and organisations in the cloud. Previous
research results developed at the universities involved in this
proposal, ZHAW and University of Sharjah, contribute to the gaining of
knowledge and tooling experience for this purpose.

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