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STEMCELL Technologies

Based in Vancouver, BC, STEMCELL Technologies Inc. aims to advance the pursuit of scientific knowledge by supplying high quality, innovative reagents, tools and services that enable life science research. Established in 1993, STEMCELL specializes in the development of specialty cell culture media, cell isolation systems and accessory products. With more than 2500 novel, useful, standardized products of unfailing quality, including tools for 3D culture systems, STEMCELL has shown a dedication to making powerful, innovative technologies accessible to researchers around the globe.

STEMCELL supports the advancement of scientific research around the world with distribution centers across North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific regions. We are proud to deliver our products directly to 22 countries, and to nearly 100 more via our distributors.

Inspired by knowledge, innovation and quality, we are Scientists Helping Scientists™.


3D culture technologies are rapidly proving themselves as invaluable tools for investigating complex tissues in vitro. However, not all 3D technologies are equivalent and choosing the right one for your research is an important step in ensuring relevance of your experiments. STEMCELL supports a range of 3D culture technologies to provide you with the right model for your research.

Spheroids are a robust model for solid cancers, as they mimic the architecture, mass transport, and cell-drug interactions of in vivo tumors. STEMCELL's AggreWell™ plates make it easy to generate large numbers of uniform spheroids, to ensure reproducibility in your 3D model for cancer research or drug screening studies.

Air liquid interface cultures offer increased physiological relevance to airway modelling. PneumaCult™ products from STEMCELL support the expansion and differentiation of human airway epithelial cells as a pseudostratified, mucociliary airway epithelium that resembles the in vivo human airway.

Organoids are self-organizing, 3D cell cultures that recapitulate key features of the corresponding in vivo tissue. Often referred to as “mini-organs”, they offer many experimental advantages across a wide range of research areas. IntestiCult™, HepatiCult™, PancreaCult™ and STEMdiff™ Cerebral Organoid Kit support culture of intestinal, hepatic, pancreatic and cerebral organoids, respectively to allow any researcher to incorporate organoids into their research.

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Ryan Conder

Senior Scientist Research and Development


Michael Hiatt

Senior Scientist, Research and Development


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Address: STEMCELL Technologies Germany GmbH, Stolberger Str. 200, 50933, Köln, Germany
Website: www.stemcell.com