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SASP 2016

20th Symposium on Atomic, Cluster and Surface Physics - February 7 - 12, 2016 at the Sunstar Hotel in Davos, Switzerland.

This international symposium is one in a continuing biennial series of conferences (the last one was held in 2014 in Obergurgl, Austria; see picture above) which seeks to promote the growth of scientific knowledge and effective exchange of information among scientists in the field of atomic, molecular, and surface physics and with a major focus on ion-molecule reactions. The symposium deals in particular with collisional interactions involving different types of collision partners, i.e. electrons, photons, molecules, nano particles, and surfaces. A special emphasis of this conference will be to provide room for discussion between academics and industry by a proper choice of lecturers.

There will be more than fifty invited expert or hot topic lectures covering recent advances in the topics of the Symposium. Contributed papers will be presented in two poster sessions. These poster sessions provide the main forum for presentation of new work and for discussion of recent progress. Prior to the official poster sessions there will be introductory sessions, which will give the authors of each contributed paper the opportunity to present orally highlights of their work presented on the poster. The max. poster size is A0 portrait.

Some of the contributed papers will be selected for oral presentation as Hot Topics.

Program (timetable)(PDF 47,2 KB)

Local Organizing Committee

Institute for Chemistry and Biological Chemistry, Zurich University for Applied Sciences, Wädenswil, Switzerland

International Scientific Committee

Hot Topic Talks

Speaker Talk
Sieghard Albert, ETH Zürich High resolution GHz and THz (FTIR) spectroscopy and theory of parity violation and tunnelling for 1,2-dithiine (C4H4S2) as a candidate for measuring the parity violating energy differences between enantiomers of chiral molecules
Nina Bersenkowitsch, Universität Innsbruck Influence of hydrocarbon adducts on the absorption behaviour of sodium iodide clusters
Martin K. Beyer, Universität Innsbruck Pinpointing mechanochemical bond rupture in single molecule force spectroscopy
Alexander D. Dörfler, Universität Basel A dynamic ion-atom hybrid trap for high-resolution cold-collision studies
Thomas Govers, Aecono Consulting On the excited states of N2+ produced in (near-) thermal charge transfer between He+ and N2
Pavol Jusko, Universität Köln Frequency comb assisted spectroscopy in 22-pole ion traps
Alexander Kaiser, Universität Innsbruck Classical simulations of decorated fullerene clusters
Theofanis Kitsopoulos, MPI Göttingen Imaging molecular beam scattering from surfaces
Lorenz Kranabetter, Universität Innsbruck Stable O4H+ and O4D+ in helium nanodroplets
Martin Kuhn, Universität Innsbruck Photofragmentation of C60+ He(n) complexes
Maxim Kunitski, Goethe Universität Frankfurt Observation of the Efimov state of the helium trimer
Albrecht Lindinger, FU Berlin Selective multiphoton excitation of molecules in solution and on helium droplets by shaped laser pulses
Roberto Marquardt, Université de Strasburg A new global potential energy surface for the FHF- anion
Stepan Roucka, Charles University Prague Hydrogen abstraction reactions in ion trap – from N+ to NH4+ at low temperatures
Georg Seyfang, ETH Zürich Intramolecular vibrational energy redistribution in cyano-acetylene (HCCCN)
David Trunec, Brno University of technology GC-MS and FTIR analyses of products from atmospheric pressure glow discharge generated in nitrogen-methane gas mixture with CO2 addition
Marten van Reijzen, EPF Lausanne State-to-state scattering of CH4(ν3) from a Ni(111) surface

Invited talks

Speaker Talk
Knut Asmis, Universität Leipzig Ion Microsolvation Probed by Cryogenic Ion Trap Vibrational Spectroscopy
Rainer Beck, EPF Lausanne Exploring Gas/Surface Reaction Dynamics via Quantum State Resolved Molecular Beam Experiments
Kurt Becker, New York University 20 Years of Microplasma Research
Robert Berger, Universität Marburg Theory for lasercoolable molecules
Oleg Boyarkine, EPF Lausanne 2D UV-MS Cold Ion Spectroscopy of Biomolecules
Oliver Bünermann, Max-Planck Institut Göttingen Inelastic Hydrogen Atom Scattering: Role of Electron-Hole Pair Excitation
Henrik Cederquist, Stockholm University Fragmentation and molecular growth: PAHs and fullerenes
Peter Chen, ETH Zürich Steric Effects in the Gas Phase and in Solution
Karl-Heinz Ernst, EMPA Zürich Modification of Surfaces with Non-planar Hydrocarbons
Wolfgang E. Ernst, Universität Graz Formation of Metal Clusters and Nanowires in Superfluid Helium Droplets and their Surface Deposition
David Field, Aarhus University Spontaneously Electrical Solids: Spontelectrics
Samuel Leutwyler, Universität Bern Jet-Cooled Cytosines have Nanosecond Lifetimes
John P. Maier, Universität Basel Electronic Spectrum of C60+: Diffuse Interstellar Bands Becoming Unravelled
Chris A. Mayhew, University of Birmingham Mayhew Enhancing Selectivity and Sensitivity of Chemical Compounds Using an Ion Funnel Proton Transfer Reaction - Mass Spectrometer
Frédéric Merkt, ETH Zürich On the Use of Rydberg States of Hydrogen to Study the Quasi-bound States of H2+ and the H2+ + H2 = H3+ + H Reaction at Low Temperature
Oliver Monti, Tuscon (Arizona) USA Ultrafast Carrier Dynamics at Hybrid Organic / Inorganic Interfaces
Klaus Müller-Dethlefs, University of Manchester Observation of Solitons in a Quantum Degenerate Plasma
Gereon Niedner-Schatteburg, Universität Kaiserslautern Surfaces of Clusters: Adsorption, Kinetics and Spectroscopy
Stephen D. Price, University College London The Reactions of Atoms with Molecules on the Surfaces of Cold Molecular Ices
Martin Quack, ETH Zürich Molecules and Clusters in Motion: Looking Back and Looking Forward, SASP and Beyond
Tom Rizzo, EPF Lausanne Combining cryogenic ion spectroscopy and ion mobility for structural studies of biomolecular ions
Eckart Rühl, Freie Universität Berlin Clusters and Nanoparticles in Fundamental and Applied Research
Joachim Sauer, Humboldt Universität Berlin Ab initio Free Energy Calculations with Chemical Accuracy for Molecule - Surface Interactions
Melanie Schnell, Max-Planck Institut Hamburg Enantiomer Differentiation Using Broadband Rotational Spectroscopy
Markus Schöffler, Goethe Universität Frankfurt Chiral Molecules under the Reaction Microscope
Jürgen Troe, Universität Göttingen Simplified Analysis of Complex-Forming Bimolecular Ion-Molecule Reactions
Martin Tschurl, Technische Universität München The Oxidation of Ta Cluster Cations in the Gas Phase
Roland Wester, Universität Innsbruck Ion-molecule Reaction Dynamics: From Substitution to Elimination
Stefan Willitsch, Universität Basel Cold and Controlled Ion Chemistry
Hans Jakob Wörner, ETH Zürich Attosecond Dynamics of Photoionization: From Atoms to the Liquid Phase
Ralf Zimmermann, Helmholtz Zentrum München and Universität Rostock New Analytical and Statistical Tools to Study the Flavor Formation During the Roasting Process of Coffee Beans, Cacao Beans and Nuts