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Bio-Inspired Modeling & Learning Systems

v. l. n. r.: Georg Müller, Ivo Kaelin, Thomas Ott, Martin Schüle, Stefan Glüge, Claudia Schmucki, René Hauck, Olivier Merlo

Introduction - Research and Teaching

We are concerned with design and development of adaptive systems for industrial and business applications, based on our expertise on machine learning, (recurrent) neural networks and bio-inspired algorithms as well as different simulation methods. A central speciality of our group is the development and research on complex (i.e. multi-methodical) forecasting systems. The polysemy of the term «LEARNING SYSTEMS» is an inherent element of the group’s spirit. Our self-concept as a team is the concept of a learning system. We are keen to learn more about new methods and more about ourselves in research and teaching. We are involved in teaching at Bachelor’s and Master’s level as well as continuing education and we actively work on the development of novel teaching methods to learn for our students and together with our students.

Research Topics & Expertise

"Intelligence is based on learning"


  • Bio-inspired algorithms and neural networks
  • Human in the loop machine learning
  • Modeling of complex systems
  • Self-learning systems for real world applications
  • Forecasting methodologies


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