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Technical Communication

Communication at the interface between humans and technology is by no means a new idea: Leonardo da Vinci, for example, wrote precise descriptions of his mechanical inventions way back in the 15th century.

In recent years, there has been an enormous increase in product documentation and, correspondingly, in the demands facing technical communicators when it comes to conveying technical content.

New communication technologies, changing processes and innovative products have brought about new challenges for documentation specialists. Nowadays, they are not only responsible for creating documents for various purposes and diverse target groups; they also have to deal with multimedia applications and data/content management.

At the Centre for Technical Communication, we take this development into account in our research, business services and teaching. We see the Centre as a hub for knowledge transfer between science and industry.


Here you will find selected past and current research projects.


The increasing challenges involved in technical communication mean that it is no longer possible to rely solely on experts from specific technical disciplines: nowadays, specialists with an interdisciplinary education, i.e. including both technical and communicative expertise, have become essential. This is reflected in our range of undergraduate and continuing education courses, which are designed to give people from different backgrounds and with different goals the opportunity to study for a degree or pursue professional development in this exciting field.

Specialisation in Technical Communication and Information Design in the BA in Applied Languages

Combining aspects from technology, media studies and communication, the specialisation in Technical Communication and Information Design in the BA in Applied Languages is an innovation in the Swiss educational landscape.

Continuing education

In our CAS in Technical Writing, participants acquire application-related knowledge which enables them to edit technical documentation taking into account the purpose and audience.  The programme is designed for university graduates and for practitioners who are keen to extend and systematise their knowledge.

Business services

We conduct research and consulting projects to help you optimise your product documentation and ensure its effectiveness as the interface between your product and your target group. With their combination of competences from the field of engineering and the field of language and communication, our team can offer you consultancy services that are both scientifically-based and practice-focussed.