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BA in Multilingual Communication

The BA in Multilingual Communication focuses on the practical application of language and languages and on the competences required in related professional fields.

In the course of your BA in Multilingual Communication, you become a language and communication professional who moves confidently between languages, cultures and domains. You acquire outstanding language skills and the ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, in a multilingual context and at a professional level. You understand and can apply the principles of translation practice; you learn to compose a variety of text types in several languages and to write clearly and intelligibly for a variety of target audiences.

You acquire specialised knowledge in the field of linguistics, along with expertise relevant to your future career path. You also gain fascinating insights into different cultures and countries. Your understanding and experience of academic work will lay the foundation for lifelong learning.

You receive cultural and linguistic input and exposure not only from our lecturers, who are all native-speakers of the languages they teach, but also from incoming students and international guest lecturers. And by spending a semester abroad at one of our partner universities, you can broaden your horizons and gain further intercultural experience.


The specialisation you choose for the second and third years of the programme allows you to individualise your study profile. Do you see yourself working in event management and social media communication? Do subtitling and respeaking appeal to you? Or do you find single-source publishing and localisation an interesting option? Choosing one of our three specialisations, in Oral Communication & Language Mediation, Multimodal Communication & Translation or Technical Communication & Information Design, gives you the chance to focus on your specific interests and on areas where you see your professional future. And it also paves the way for you to study for a Master’s degree.

Languages of study

You study three languages: your primary language (usually your mother tongue), a first foreign language and a second foreign language. During your studies, you focus more intensively on your first (stronger) foreign language than on your second.
Different combinations of languages are possible, depending on the specialisation you choose. English is compulsory for all students and must be selected as a first or second foreign language.

German and English are compulsory for all students: German must be selected as either the primary language or first foreign language, English as a first or second foreign language.

First language First foreign language Second foreign language
German English, French, Italian, Spanish English, French, Italian, Spanish
French German English
Italian German English

Third foreign language

From your 3rd semester on, you can choose to study a third foreign language as an elective module. The languages offered are:

French, Italian, Spanish: approximately C1 level. Students are required to pass an aptitude test to be admitted.

Arabic, Chinese, Russian: basic knowledge of the language concerned is required. Students interested in studying one of these languages are recommended to attend a course in the first year of their studies before enrolling in one of these electives. They are responsible for organising and paying for this themselves.

Career opportunities

The career opportunities for graduates with a BA in Multilingual Communication are very diverse and arise wherever communication takes place across linguistic, cultural or domain-specific borders. Potential employers include NGOs, communications agencies, language service providers, industrial companies and hotels with an international clientele and a multicultural team.

Graduates also have an increasing number of options if they want to continue their studies by taking a Master’s degree, specialising in Professional Translation, Conference Interpreting or Organisational Communication, for example.

Key information

Title: Bachelor of Arts ZHAW in Multilingual Communication

Specialisations: Oral Communication & Language Mediation, Multimodal Communication & Translation, Technical Communication & Information Design

Number of credits: 180 ECTS credits

Study mode: full-time, part-time possible

Duration: 6 semesters (full-time), approx. 10 semesters (part-time, depending on individual profile)

Programme start: Autumn

Deadline for applications: 30 April

Location: Winterthur, 5th semester usually spent studying at a university abroad or doing an internship

Languages of instruction: German and the chosen languages of study

Tuition fees: CHF 720.- per semester + additional costs related to the programme

Graduate and continuing education programmes: Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics and others

Downloads: Factsheet(PDF 122,4 KB), and Study Guide(PDF 385,5 KB) Bachelor in Multilingual Communication