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Translation Studies

We conduct research into translation processes and define characteristics in various fields of translation.

«Translators are rarely in focus, but the results of their work inform and guide many aspects of our lives. They are wizards at quickly learning about new material, translating it so a new audience can understand it, and producing flawless texts in the process. We are interested in finding out how they manage all that.»

Prof. Dr. Maureen Ehrensberger-Dow, Professor of Translation Studies

Empirical and interdisciplinary research into the influences of extrinsic and intrinsic factors on the translation process, and thus on the quality of the product itself, is the focus of interest in the field of translation studies at the IUED. One area that we are exploring is differences between groups of varying competence levels and language versions. Characteristics of various translation fields, such as technical translation, audiovisual translation and website translation, are also central to our work and research.


Alongside our focus on English-German and German-English, we also consider other language versions in our research projects. For us, translation is much more than just the transfer of a text from one language to another. The real circumstances in the professional field of translation – along with restrictive factors that arise due to technical language, multimodality, web suitability and customer requirements – are the basis of our research as well as of our teaching.


At both BA and MA level, we offer various modules in the area of translation studies. We also act as advisors for theses on the subject. Examples of modules that have been offered in the BA in Applied Languages (with a specialisation in Multimodal Communication) and in the MA in Applied Linguistics (with a specialisation in Professional Translation) are:

The modules offered vary from semester to semester and are published in the course directory.

Continuing education

In the area of continuing education, the CAS course in Translation for Translators and Interpreters has been run for several years now. Participants extend their translation competence and their knowledge of business, law and technology. They become more secure when dealing with specialist texts, and at the end of the course, they can use new tools to tap knowledge.


Translation Studies’ research findings are regularly published in scientific publications and presented at conferences.