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Continuing education

The IAM provides eight scientifically based continuing education courses for professionals working in the fields of organisational communication and journalism.

The Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) and the six Certificates of Advanced Studies (CAS) provide insights into the interplay between the fields of organisational communication and journalism, primarily from the organisational communication perspective.

The IAM’s continuing education courses help participants to develop the skills they need for effective strategic communication, using a range of individual courses which dovetail with each other to meet the needs of today’s organisations. Seasoned practitioners ensure that the course material is relevant to professionals’ current needs, while experienced faculty from the academic and research domains provide a structured theoretical framework.

The Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) in Communication Management and Leadership prepares graduate communications professionals for their next step up the career ladder. And it prepares journalists to master the digital transformation in their professional field.

The IAM’s Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) courses equip participants with the expertise and knowledge they will need to deal confidently with the challenges arising in the main areas of professional communications practice.

IAM is the official examining body for the CAS in Crisis Communication.

As the MAS and all the CAS are held in German, further information can be found on the German version of this website.