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Digital Discourse Lab

The Lab provides solutions for the linguistic analysis of the digitised public sphere and allows partners from the realms of research, business, politics and society to access discourse research in a targeted manner. The results include data-based situation reports, innovative analysis practices and the moderation of strategy dialogues.

Solutions and services

The Lab develops solutions for industry partners, always catering to their specific needs and maintaining dialogue, and adopting a step-by-step approach each time:

Data and methods

With Swiss-AL, the Lab possesses a comprehensive, multilingual data corpus on public communication in Switzerland. This allows for the data-driven identification and analysis of patterns in language use in the public sphere. The Lab also provides advice to industry partners on the evaluation and optimisation of their own data bases (or those of third parties) as well as on environment analysis practices. It also provides the following digital working platforms:

References and publications

The Lab boasts a successful track record that spans many years. Projects for industry partners allow for the modelling and analysis of language environments in the digitised public sphere in various areas that are relevant for the future. Here are some of the projects we have contributed to:

Lab and team

The Lab is an open structure for industry partners and researchers. For each project, the Lab provides a suitable team and editable data corpora. Together with our industry partners, the core team comprising Prof. Philipp Dreesen, Dr Julia Krasselt and Prof. Peter Stücheli-Herlach discusses how to approach and set up the respective projects in an effective manner:

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