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Organisational Communication and Management

Porträt Nicole Rosenberger

“People place trust in organisations which systematically develop and cultivate a clear identity and which align their communication strategies with this identity.”

Nicole Rosenberger, Professor of Organisational Communication and Management

Communication management focuses on targeted and efficient communication with all of the stakeholders involved in an organisation. Strategic management creates sustainable competitive advantages and opens up growth potential. Combining strategic management with strategic communication ensures not only legitimacy and credibility but also trust and value added.

In our research and projects in the field of organisational communication and management, we investigate and develop structures, processes and strategies designed to reinforce the interplay between strategic management and communication management and to promote a sustainable position.

Organisations are closely monitored and rated in the communication arena. Images created by experiences with their services and with the behaviour of individual employees play an important part in this. But another decisive factor is the impact of their symbolic and communicative presence. The more consistent the impact of an organisation’s identity, the clearer its positioning for its stakeholders.

If, in addition, these impressions correspond to the organisational policy and brand promises communicated by the organisation, this reinforces the stakeholders’ trust and has a positive impact on its reputation. Identity-oriented communication management therefore focuses on the clearly defined identity of an organisation and plays a large part in establishing this identity; it also helps to align company policy, identity-shaping and image.

We use this model of identity-oriented communication management as a theoretical framework not only to capture and assess structures and processes in communication management but also to evaluate and develop positioning and communication strategies with regard to identity and reputation management.


In our research on identity and reputation management, we generate and pass on knowledge and methods to analyse, optimise and implement positioning and communication strategies of organisations with different organisational forms, from different branches and of different sizes.

In our research on trust-building communication, we research and pass on strategies and processes of organisational communication which are designed to promote acceptance of and trust in institutions, organisations, communities and technologies.

Academic programmes

In our research-based teaching at the Bachelor level (BA), we teach the principles of identity-oriented communication, relationship and positioning management.  By applying these principles, students are able to design and reflect on professional communication processes.

In our research-based teaching at consecutive Master’s level (MA), we teach methods of analysis, conception, implementation and evaluation of professional communication processes and how interlink with strategic management. Students are able to align and review communication processes from a strategic and identity-oriented perspective.

Continuing education

In our teaching at the executive Master’s level (MAS), we focus on specific approaches of reputation management and strategic communication consulting for communication managers in various public arenas.


In our research-based consulting, we help organisations which are seeking to review and develop their communication strategies, processes and means. We provide communication departments with guidance on leadership issues, and we work with individual managers or whole teams to strengthen their text production competence.


Scientists in the research and work domain of Organisational Communication and Public Spheres regularly publish their findings in scientific publications.