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Digital transformation at the School of Applied Linguistics

Digitisation is a key topic at the School of Applied Linguistics. On this page, you can find information about events as well as research and academic programmes on the digital transformation.

The digital transformation is changing academic programmes and research in the discipline of applied linguistics. Machine translation, robot journalism and digital language learning are just three examples of changes within the professional fields of language and communication.

However, new digital possibilities are also increasingly making their presence felt in the teaching of subject areas covered by applied linguistics. This is opening up opportunities for flexible and tailored learning and teaching.

Within our School, we not only make use of such new digital possibilities, but also investigate their application in academic programmes. We also conduct research projects to examine the impact of digital methods on language and communication, thus allowing us to anticipate changes in professional practice and within society. This forms the basis for training students to become "reflective practitioners" who are prepared for the future.

A summary of the activities of the School of Applied Linguistics in connection with the digital transformation, including events, news, blog posts and publications, can be found on the German-language website.