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Membership of an Alumni organisation allows you to stay in touch after you graduate and to cultivate your professional and private networks.

Graduates from the IUED (Institute of Translation and Interpreting) can be members of two associations: the Swiss interpreters’ and translators’ association (DÜV) and ALUMNI ZHAW Languages and Communication, a part of ALUMNI ZHAW.

ALUMNI ZHAW Languages and Communication

ALUMNI ZHAW Languages and Communication is the association for BA graduates in Multilingual Communication (formerly the BA in Applied Languages). It regularly organises events to enable members to cultivate and extend their networks. ALUMNI ZHAW Languages and Communication maintains close contact with the programme directors and with the students currently studying for their degree. In their final year, students can join the association free of charge.

Dolmetscher- und Übersetzervereinigung DÜV

The Dolmetscher- und Übersetzervereinigung DÜV is the professional association for graduates with a degree in Professional Translation or Conference Interpreting from the Institute of Translation and Interpreting or from the former Dolmetscherschule Zürich (DOZ). The DÜV represents the interests of these professional groups, cultivates relationships with related organisations and runs an agency in Zurich.

«C'est au fil des ans qu'apparaît progressivement, et toujours plus fort, l'importance des liens devant unir formation et monde professionnel. La langue évolue, l'école aussi. Il est bon que les deux puissent évoluer ensemble. La relation qui unit la ZHAW et la DÜV met en évidence cette aspiration commune.»

Jaime Calvé, President, DÜV