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Partner universities

Our students have the opportunity of studying abroad in order to accumulate experience of other cultures, develop an international network and improve their subsequent career prospects.

Exchanging ideas with people from other cultures and whose mother tongue we do not share is a commonplace occurrence for many of us in today’s globalised working environment. That is why international experience is an important factor in achieving professional success.

Internationalism and multilingualism are central to the teaching, research and professional training activities carried out by the School of Applied Linguistics. A variety of exchange programmes and networks enable the School to promote the mobility of its students, academic researchers and teaching staff. It helps them to extend their horizons beyond linguistic and geographical frontiers, either through personal contacts, time spent in other countries or attendance at conferences and other events focusing on subjects of international cultural interest.

Our academic coordinators will be happy to inform you about the corresponding degree programmes at our partner universities and within the respective regions. If you already know which university is of interest to you, please reach out to the corresponding contact person specified in the list of partner universities.

Is your desired host institution outside the ZHAW partner network? In this case, you have the option of completing your semester abroad as part of the free-mover programme. For further information, please contact the International Office or the corresponding contact person from the list of academic coordinators.

For further financial support for your semester abroad, you can apply for scholarships in your destination country. On behalf of the federal government, swissuniversities manages such foreign government scholarships from more than 30 countries.