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IUED Institute of Translation and Interpreting

«We build the expertise to build bridges between languages and their users – across communities, cultures and organisations.»

Professor Gary Massey, Director, IUED Institute of Translation and Interpreting

The Institute of Translation and Interpreting is the ZHAW competence centre for multilingualism and language mediation. We are actively engaged in conducting research, offering degree programmes and continuing education courses and in providing services and consulting in these fields. The Institute was created out of the former Dolmetscherschule Zürich (DOZ), which was founded over 50 years ago. We therefore have the benefit of a long history and extensive experience, which we can draw on to develop strategies for the future.

Our BA in Applied Languages and the specialisations in Professional Translation and Conference Interpreting within our MA in Applied Linguistics are practice-focussed degree programmes. At the Bachelor level, students train as communication specialists who can move confidently between different languages, cultures and domains. At the MA level, they acquire the skills and knowledge to become professional translators or conference interpreters.

Our diverse, practice-focussed continuing education programme gives our graduates and anyone interested in communication and language mediation the chance to advance and broaden their expertise.

In our research, we focus on the domains of translation studies, interpreting studies, applied text and discourse linguistics, language technology, multilingual communication and technical communication and information design. We also offer customised services and consulting in these fields.

The IUED is part of a well-established international network. We are a member of CIUTI (international conference of university institutes of translation and interpreting), and we have observer status at the EMT (European Masters in Translation). We also have close ties with numerous partner institutes and universities in Switzerland and abroad.

Our modern infrastructure combined with a personal atmosphere creates a professional but friendly study and work environment.

The IUED in brief:

1 BA programme with 3 specialisations
2 specialisations in the MA in Applied Linguistics
Courses currently offered in 11 languages
12 continuing education courses/programmes
Over 400 students
5 research focus areas
More than 50 staff
About 1100 alumni