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MA Programme Cooperation

Master of Arts in Art Education

The School of Applied Linguistics’ Institute of Applied Media Studies (IAM) offers an MA specialisation in Publishing and Communication as one of the pathways within its MA in Art Education curriculum. The IAM teaches this specialisation in collaboration with the Zurich University of the Arts.

The full-time study programme Publishing and Communication lasts three semesters and earns its graduates 90 ECTS credits. It prepares its students for work as specialist publishers or media professionals in the fields of culture and the arts. The curriculum focuses on the skills required to write texts which are in tune with their specialist subject, as well as being appropriate to the audiences they address and the medium in which they are composed. Emphasis is also placed on writing in a manner which both reflects the topic covered and imparts the writer’s thought processes in approaching it . The course is intended not only for students who have completed their bachelor degree  but also for specialised professionals with demonstrable practical experience in the fields of design, art, culture, language, communication or media. Students acquire linguistic, communications and media skills, which the syllabus systematically combines with instruction in the discourse of design and art. The curriculum provides its graduates with the skills they will need to communicate effectively in contexts where word meets image, creation meets appreciation and art interacts with the media.

Master of Arts in Journalism

In collaboration with the Hamburg Media School (HMS), the School of Applied Linguistics’ Institute of Applied Media Studies (IAM) offers an Executive Master of Arts in Journalism (EMAJ). The curriculum is designed to enable course participants to study alongside their professional employment duties.

This two-year, part-time programme lasts two years and earns its graduates 90 ECTS credits. It is designed for professionals poised to embark on a management career in journalism. Students acquire the skills and knowledge they will need to lead journalism successfully into the digital future. Graduates from the programme receive a master’s degree jointly awarded by the Zurich University of Applied Sciences and the Hamburg University of Technology and are then also eligible to pursue doctoral studies.

The curriculum is based on recognised international standards in the teaching of journalism. It has the following three key areas of emphasis:

  1. Techniques of journalistic narrative and reporting
  2. Editorial management and leadership skills
  3. Participative strategies and quality-assurance methods.