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Accessible studies

At the School of Applied Linguistics, we allow students with a disability or chronic health condition to enjoy equal access to our study programmes and to participate in them independently.

Academic accommodations advisory service

If you are unsure whether you are entitled to academic accommodations or you have any other questions on this subject, please contact


Please note that there are deadlines each semester for submitting an application for academic accommodations. We have the following deadlines at the School of Applied Linguistics:

  1. Deadline for entrance examination or aptitude assessment: application must be received by the programme director by the respective registration deadline
  2. Deadline for a new semester: application must be received by the programme director four weeks prior to the start of the semester
  3. Deadline for end-of-module examinations during the current semester: application must be received by the programme director prior to semester week 10

Please note: These deadlines always refer to the submission of the application by the academic accommodations advisory service to the relevant programme director at our School and not to the submission of your application to the advisory centre. It takes time to examine your application, advise you and consult with our School. You should therefore register with the academic accommodations advisory service as early as possible and no later than three weeks prior to the above-stated deadlines.

Applying for academic accommodations

To apply for academic accommodations, you must register with the ZHAW academic accommodations advisory service (in German). Here, you can find all further information on the relevant requirements and procedures as well as the documents needed.

Regulations on Academic Accommodations

The Regulations on Academic Accommodations govern the applicable rights and obligations as well as the associated procedures and responsibilities.

Contacts at the School

Please note that the academic accommodations advisory service is responsible for answering higher-level questions and making the application: