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Services and consultancy

We offer a wide range of research-based business and consultancy services. These are designed for companies, the media, schools, universities, public authorities and NGOs, but also for private individuals and management personnel.

Take advantage of our expertise in the field of language and communication. We can help you find tailor-made and needs-related solutions to complex problems.

If you are looking for specialised support or consultancy in a different area of applied linguistics, such as multilingual communication, intercultural communication or language teaching, please contact Andrea Thomas-Spengler. Andrea will work with you to find a solution that meets your needs.

Accessible Communication Lab

The Accessible Communication Lab establishes networks with researchers and private sector partners in order to provide services for public institutions, organisations and companies. It applies research findings from the area of accessible communication to practice and promotes the further development of solutions. The Lab supports companies through the provision of advisory services and the development of concepts and standards.

Goethe-Institut German exams

Within the School of Applied Linguistics, we have a regional Goethe-Institut examination centre. Here, candidates can take exams in German as a foreign language at all levels (A1 – C2).

Communications Compass IAM

The Communications Compass service offered by the Institute of Applied Media Studies IAM is designed for companies, non-profits, political organisations and media editorial departments. We review and optimise your communication concepts and strategies. We can also help you to target your use of media more effectively and to optimise processes and/or results in public communication.

Language Testing Competence Centre

The Language Testing Competence Centre at the ZHAW advises and assists institutions in developing, validating and optimising language proficiency assessments. It is aimed at companies, the public sector and non-profit organisations.

Language tests for the recognition of foreign teaching diplomas

On behalf of the cantonal ministers of education (EDK), we carry out language tests in German, French and Italian for teachers in connection with the recognition of foreign teaching diplomas.

Learning in Tandem

Two people with different mother tongues learn their partner’s language at their own pace. Tandem is free of charge and is offered by the School of Applied Linguistics. We will provide you with a Tandem partner and support from our Tandem team.

Optimising specialised texts

As part of our work in the research area of Specialised Communication and Knowledge Transfer, we advise companies, public institutions and professionals on how to optimise their specialised texts. We start by reviewing the conceptualisation and structure of texts and the understandability of technical terms. We then make recommendations as to how texts can be optimised, taking into account their purpose and the needs of their target audience.

Swiss Global Competence Lab

The Swiss Global Competence Lab is a dynamic, transdisciplinary innovation platform specialized in the area of the internationalisation of organisations and the curriculum. It provides expert services and consultancy for research and teaching institutions, the public sector, as well as clients from the industry.

Technical documentation

We offer augmented-reality applications, documentation and weak point analyses, optimisation of documentation processes, individual documentation concepts and localisation (adapting documentation and user interfaces to local conditions).


We offer support in all areas related to terminology. We check your documents for terminological consistency and expert and/or lay understandability. We can also help you to create a terminology database for your company or organisation.

Text and media workshops IAM

The text and media workshops run by the IAM are designed for editorial and communication teams as well as for individuals in management and editorial positions.  These services are modular in structure and include the following: Corporate Publishing Review, Media Design, Writing Workshop, Writing Coaching and Media Training. 

Usability testing

We test the user-friendliness of technical products, software applications and technical documentation in our usability lab and with our mobile eye-tracking glasses. We also organise focus groups to evaluate the opinions and ideas of potential users at an early stage of product development.

Writing services

We offer public authorities, companies from various sectors, private individuals and students a wide range of services designed to improve their writing skills. If you are looking for writing consultancy services tailored to your needs or the needs of your employees, you’ve come to the right place. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.