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Offers for outgoing students

A semester abroad is a very valuable experience that pays off twice over: not only does it allow you to develop your cultural skills and build an international network, it also sets you up for a strong start to your career. All students at the School of Applied Linguistics have the opportunity to complete a semester abroad.

Mobility in practice

If you study at the School of Applied Linguistics, you can complete certain semesters abroad. This takes place within the framework of international programmes or bilateral agreements. Further information can be found on the Mobility-Online portal. If you have questions about the content of the programmes, please contact the academic coordinators of your institute or degree programme directly. We will be happy to advise you individually.

All in good time

In order to help you optimally prepare and plan for your semester abroad, you will be invited to an information meeting by your programme director before the registration deadline. During the meeting, you will receive information on the organisation of your semester abroad, how it is recognised and any financial support.

Internship abroad

Those who study at the School of Applied Linguistics can also complete an internship abroad. If this interests you, you need to organise your internship yourself and ensure that it meets the requirements of your degree programme. Students completing an internship abroad can also apply for financial support for the duration of their stay abroad. Information in this regard, including with respect to application deadlines, is provided at the information meetings of the degree programmes.