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At the ILC, we deal with language in social and professional settings as well as teaching and learning contexts.

German as a foreign/second language

Our work as part of our Research and Specialisation in German as a foreign/second language (DaF/DaZ) focuses on innovative didactic approaches for German as a foreign/second language. This includes the development and evaluation of didactic concepts for general and specialised language teaching as part of DaF/DaZ programmes. We also design teaching and exercise materials for adults as well as continuing education programmes for teachers at a university level (CAS).

Head: Prof. Liana Konstantinidou, Prof. Karin Madlener-Charpentier

Digital Linguistics

As part of our Research and Specialisation in Digital Linguistics, we develop corpus linguistic methods for linguists working in the area of social and cultural sciences and reflect critically on these methods against the backdrop of social and scientific developments. Areas of application include disciplines of applied linguistics such as discourse linguistics, semantics, multilingualism and learning/writing analytics.

Co-Heads: Prof. Philipp Dreesen and Prof. Cerstin Mahlow

Intercultural Studies and Linguistic Diversity

Our Research and Specialisation in Intercultural Studies and Linguistic Diversity deals with questions relating to linguistic, social and cultural diversity.

Head: Prof. Christiane Hohenstein

Professional Literacy

In our Research and Specialisation in Professional Literacy, we conduct research on communication in a society based on the division of labour. We examine how communities, organisations and individual stakeholders use linguistic processes and language products in order to participate in professionally relevant discourses and communicate with society.

Head: Prof. Marlies Whitehouse

Language Management and Globalisation

Our work as part of our Research and Specialisation in Language Management and Globalisation focuses on the interaction between individual and organised multilingualism and how it relates to acquiring international and global competences in educational and professional contexts. This includes, for example, the development and testing of measures for the integration of international and global skills in university teaching, thus making an important contribution to quality development at the university.

Head: Prof. Patrick Studer