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Continuing education

Our continuing education courses bring our expertise to bear in your practical working environment. We provide you with the opportunity to deepen your knowledge in the fields of translation and interpreting, (intercultural) communication, media, languages, technical communication and terminology in a targeted manner. Our programmes offer recognised specialist qualifications and the chance to acquire new knowledge. Our continuing education courses are usually held in German.

We offer a Master of Advanced Studies (MAS), Certificates of Advanced Studies (CAS), webinars and continuing education courses, as well as German and foreign language courses in different levels and for different needs.

Master of Advanced Studies (MAS)

A Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) is a course of study offered to students in full-time employment and comprises at least 60 ECTS credits. The School of Applied Linguistics offers an MAS in Communication Management and Leadership, which consists of three CAS courses. The MAS empowers communication experts, enabling them to tackle the challenges posed by strategic communication and qualifying them to take on leadership roles in the field of organisational communication.

Details on the MAS in Communication Management and Leadership (in German)

Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS)

CAS courses generally comprise between 10 and 15 ECTS credits. They last between one and two semesters and culminate in the awarding of a Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS). Individual CAS courses can be studied as part of a Master of Advanced Studies programme and be credited towards the corresponding degree. The School of Applied Linguistics offers CAS courses in the areas of organisational communication, languages and language didactics, writing and copywriting as well as terminology, technical communication and translation. Our CAS courses allow you to quickly transfer skills to your existing profession or a new area of activity.

You can find our current CAS courses on the German-language website.

Continuing education courses

Continuing education courses generally comprise fewer than 100 lessons. In addition to a wide range of German and foreign language courses, the School of Applied Linguistics offers a variety of continuing education courses. These provide condensed knowledge that can be directly applied during everyday professional life. Most of our courses can be booked as company training courses to meet the needs of individual corporate clients.

You can find our current courses on the German-language website.

Language resources webinars for language professionals

Meet our researchers and experts once a month and stay up to date on the world of multilingual communication and language technology. Each 30-minute online session provides innovative and forward-looking input and is followed by a Q&A session where we answer your questions related to the topic at hand.

Details on the language resources webinars

Courses in German as a foreign language

In German as a foreign language, we offer courses covering levels B1 to C2 as well as specialised courses. In these courses, you practise all the language skills – reading, listening, speaking and writing – and reach the next level of the CEF (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) in one semester. At the end of the semester, you can demonstrate your progress by taking the ZHAW level test or a Goethe exam. In the specialised courses, you will work on the skills that are important to you: writing, communication, reading, pronunciation. You decide what you want to learn. 

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