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Language Management and Globalisation

In the professorship of Language Management and Globalisation, we conduct research on the interaction between individual and organised multilingualism and how it relates to acquiring international and global competences in educational and professional contexts. We investigate what competences need to be developed in order to understand and exploit the potential inherent in our linguistically, culturally, ethnically and ideologically complex world (of work). For example, we develop and evaluate measures intended to integrate international and global competences in tertiary education teaching, thus enabling our professorship to make important contributions to improving the quality of tertiary education. At the same time, our projects also produce new theoretical findings and models for conducting research on internationalisation and globalisation. This knowledge helps those in professional contexts and society in general to better understand global challenges and to develop appropriate solutions.

In focus

Internationalisation of the Curriculum (IoC)

Internationalisation is one of the top priorities for universities. Nevertheless, the efforts made to internationalise the curriculum (IoC) have been modest due to a range of challenges. As part of an interdisciplinary and cross-university research and development project, the Professorship is developing theory-based and empirically supported measures for the internationalisation of the curriculum.

Swiss Global Competence Lab

The main objective of this project is to develop the cross-university and interdisciplinary Swiss Global Competence Lab (SGCL), which has emerged from the cooperation between various universities of applied sciences in Switzerland. As a leading competence centre for the internationalisation of the curriculum, the SGCL is a dynamic platform for innovation, exchange, research and development as well as services in this area. The Lab promotes national and international cooperation with leading experts in this field.

Quality management for English-medium instruction

The Professorship of Language Management and Globalisation conducts projects on an ongoing basis that examine the development and validation of processes and tools for the quality management of English-medium instruction as part of university teaching. These tools and processes are used on behalf of university institutions for quality procedures. This involves a 360° assessment that includes various elements from the self-evaluation and external evaluation of academic programmes.

Research-based teaching

The results from our research in the area of Language Management and Globalisation are integrated into teaching in the BA in Applied Languages, the BA in Language and Integration, the MA in Applied Linguistics and the Master of Science in Engineering as well as in continuing education programmes offered by the ILC and language and communication courses in other disciplines. In addition, we give guest lectures and offer tailored workshops in Switzerland and abroad.